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Which LACP technology can identify and remove a LACP enabled link from an EtherChannel within three seconds when the link is experiencing connectivity issues?

  • LACP fast
  • LACP port priority
  • LACP system priority
  • LACP min-links
Answers Explanation & Hints:

LACP fast advertises an LACP packet every second and after three seconds of not receiving an LACP packet, removes the link from the EtherChannel bundle.
LACP port priority allows an LACP enabled switch to select which member interfaces are active within a port-channel that has more member interfaces than the maximum allowed.
LACP system priority allows an LACP enabled switch to be designated as the master switch for a port-channel.
LACP min-links is used to configure a required minimum number of physical connections that must be active in order for the EtherChannel to stay active.

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