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Which of the following examples illustrates how malware might be concealed?

  • A hacker uses techniques to improve the ranking of a website so that users are redirected to a malicious site
  • An email is sent to the employees of an organization with an attachment that looks like an antivirus update, but the attachment actually consists of spyware
  • A botnet of zombies carry personal information back to the hacker
  • An attack is launched against the public website of an online retailer with the objective of blocking its response to visitors
Answers Explanation & Hints:

The second example illustrates how malware might be concealed. In this example, the malware is disguised as an antivirus update, which may appear legitimate to the employee receiving the email. Once the employee downloads the attachment, the malware (spyware) can then infect the system and carry out its malicious activities without the user being aware. This is an example of social engineering, where attackers use psychological manipulation to trick users into performing actions that are not in their best interest.

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