Which SOC type does this corporation most likely possess? operations-based


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You review this final cybersecurity posting on the online job board:

Hiring Company Description: Bay State Power & Electric is the state’s largest power utility. Our day-to-day cybersecurity focus is maintaining the security posture of the internal assets on our network. It is critical that we protect our customers’ personal identity information and our own intellectual property.

Job Requirements: Cybersecurity specialist with at least two years’ experience with security platforms, such as firewalls, IPS, and SIEM systems, and in malware analysis and detection signatures.

Which SOC type does this corporation most likely possess?

  • threat-centric
  • compliance-based
  • operations-based
  • hybrid
    Explanation & Hint:

    Based on the information provided in the job posting and the focus of the organization, it’s likely that Bay State Power & Electric possesses an operations-based SOC. Their emphasis is on maintaining the security posture of internal assets and protecting sensitive information, which aligns with an operations-centric approach that prioritizes the day-to-day security operations and the protection of assets.

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