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You continue reviewing career opportunities in cybersecurity and find another opportunity: “Are you a cybersecurity specialist with a passion for stopping bad actors in their tracks?”

Hiring Company Description: National retail chain with over $10 million in annual sales, of which over 70 percent occur online. We are as passionate about our security posture as we are about driving sales. We follow a proactive approach to cybersecurity and follow incident response procedures before, during, and after any breach.

Job Requirements: Cybersecurity professional with at least two years of industry experience. You have previous experience as a SOC team member and are familiar with each phase of incidence response, particularly proactive threat defense and identifying potential security threats on the network before they happen.

Which SOC type does this corporation most likely possess?

  • threat-centric
  • compliance-based
  • operations-based
  • hybrid
    Explanation & Hint:

    Based on the information provided in the job posting and the focus of the organization, it’s likely that the National retail chain possesses a threat-centric SOC. Their emphasis on proactive threat defense and their approach of following incident response procedures before, during, and after any breach aligns with a threat-centric approach, which emphasizes identifying and responding to threats at all stages of an attack, including proactive measures to prevent security threats.

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