Which statement describes a characteristic of IP multicast routing?

  • PIM dense mode flood and prune behavior repeats every three minutes.
  • PIM hello messages are sent every 60 seconds by default out each PIM enabled interface.
  • PIM sparse mode and PIM dense mode require an RP on the network.
  • PIM sparse mode builds the multicast tree through flooding of traffic out every interface.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

PIM dense mode is used in a multicast group that is densely populated across the network. PIM dense mode (PIM-DM) prunes expire after three minutes. This means that the flood and prune behavior of PIM dense mode repeats every three minutes and should be taken into account when designing a network for PIM-DM. A rendezvous point (RP) is required only in networks running Protocol Independent Multicast sparse mode (PIM-SM).

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