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Which statement is correct about Ethernet switch frame forwarding decisions?

  • Frame forwarding decisions are based on MAC address and port mappings in the CAM table.
  • Cut-through frame forwarding ensures that invalid frames are always dropped.
  • Only frames with a broadcast destination address are forwarded out all active switch ports.
  • Unicast frames are always forwarded regardless of the destination MAC address.
    Answers Explanation & Hints:

    Cut-through frame forwarding reads up to only the first 22 bytes of a frame, which excludes the frame check sequence and thus invalid frames may be forwarded. In addition to broadcast frames, frames with a destination MAC address that is not in the CAM are also flooded out all active ports. Unicast frames are not always forwarded. Received frames with a destination MAC address that is associated with the switch port on which it is received are not forwarded because the destination exists on the network segment connected to that port.

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