Which team would be the best fit for this candidate?


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You are a SOC manager who is interviewing a candidate for a position in one of your SOC teams. The candidate has only basic cybersecurity development knowledge but is highly skilled in application development. The candidate’s previous work was in optimizing customer experience with a focus on software requirements and back-end performance.

Which team would be the best fit for this candidate?

  • white team
  • blue team
  • purple team
  • yellow team
Explanation & Hint:

In a Security Operations Center (SOC), the roles are typically categorized by color-coded teams that have distinct functions:

  • Blue Team: Focuses on defense, identifying security threats, and responding to incidents. They manage and maintain the security posture of the organization.
  • Red Team: Acts as the offense, simulating adversaries to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by real attackers.
  • Purple Team: Works to ensure and enhance the effectiveness of the Blue and Red teams by facilitating information and tactics exchange between them.
  • White Team: Typically oversees and manages the entire process, often setting the rules for engagements, arbitrating between the Red and Blue teams during exercises, and ensuring that objectives are met.
  • Yellow Team: This is less commonly mentioned in standard cybersecurity team colors. However, in some contexts, the Yellow team might be involved with system architecture and could potentially be responsible for developing and maintaining systems in a way that is secure and user-friendly.

Given that the candidate has a background in application development with a focus on software requirements and back-end performance, they might be a good fit for a role where development knowledge is key. If the SOC has a Yellow Team focused on developing and maintaining secure systems, that could be a suitable fit.

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