Which three are SMTP commands? (Choose three.)


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Which three are SMTP commands? (Choose three.)

  • QUIT
  • DATA
  • SEND
  • SAVE
Explanation & Hint:

Among the options provided, the three that are SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) commands are:

  1. HELO: This command is used to initiate a conversation with the mail server. The client sends this command to the SMTP server to identify itself and initiate the SMTP conversation.
  2. QUIT: This command is used to terminate the SMTP session. It informs the server that the client is done with the conversation and that the server can close the connection.
  3. DATA: This command is used to start the transfer of the email message body. After sending this command, the client begins sending the message content, ending with a specific sequence to indicate the end of the message.

“SEND” and “SAVE” are not standard SMTP commands used in the SMTP protocol for email transmission.

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