Which three phases are associated with vulnerability testing? (Choose three.)


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Which three phases are associated with vulnerability testing? (Choose three.)

  • asset discovery
  • vulnerability assessment
  • compromise system
  • vulnerability remediation
  • exploit vulnerability
Explanation & Hint:

The three phases associated with vulnerability testing are:

Asset discovery: This phase involves identifying and cataloging all the assets and resources within an organization’s network, including devices, servers, applications, and other elements.

Vulnerability assessment: In this phase, the identified assets are scanned and tested for vulnerabilities. This involves using various tools and techniques to identify security weaknesses, misconfigurations, and potential entry points for attackers.

Vulnerability remediation: After vulnerabilities are identified in the assessment phase, the organization needs to address and remediate these vulnerabilities. This typically involves applying patches, making configuration changes, and taking other measures to mitigate security risks.

The phases “compromise system” and “exploit vulnerability” are not typically associated with vulnerability testing. They are related to post-exploitation or attack phases rather than the vulnerability testing process itself.

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