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Which three requirements are necessary for two OSPFv2 routers to form an adjacency? (Choose three.)

  • The two routers must include the inter-router link network in an OSPFv2 network command.
  • The OSPFv2 process is enabled on the interface by entering the ospf process area-id command.
  • The OSPF hello or dead timers on each router must match.
  • The OSPFv2 process ID must be the same on each router.
  • The link interface subnet masks must match.
  • The link interface on each router must be configured with a link-local address.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

The OSPFv2 process ID does not have to be the same on each router, and it is enabled globally, not separately on each interface. OSPFv3 (IPv6) uses link-local addresses to form an adjacency with a neighbor router, and requires the OSPF process to be enabled on the interface.

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