Which two are software vulnerability scanners? (Choose two.)


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Which two are software vulnerability scanners? (Choose two.)

  • VmStat
  • Nessus
  • fingerprint
  • open VAS
Explanation & Hint:

Two examples of software vulnerability scanners are:

  1. Nessus
    • Nessus is a widely known and used vulnerability scanner, designed to detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and potential risks in network systems, and it can also evaluate compliance with various security frameworks.
  2. OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner)
    • OpenVAS is an open-source framework consisting of several services and tools offering comprehensive and powerful vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management capabilities.

VmStat is a performance monitoring utility for Unix/Linux systems, not a vulnerability scanner. “Fingerprint” could refer to various types of fingerprinting (like digital or network fingerprinting), which is a technique used to identify certain characteristics of a system or user, but it is not the name of a specific vulnerability scanner.

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