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Which two options are security best practices that help mitigate BYOD risks? (Choose two.)

  • Use wireless MAC address filtering.
  • Decrease the wireless antenna gain level.
  • Keep the device OS and software updated.
  • Only turn on Wi-Fi when using the wireless network.
  • Only allow devices that have been approved by the corporate IT team.
  • Use paint that reflects wireless signals and glass that prevents the signals from going outside the building.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

Many companies now support employees and visitors attaching and using wireless devices that connect to and use the corporate wireless network. This practice is known as a bring-your-own-device policy or BYOD. Commonly, BYOD security practices are included in the security policy. Some best practices that mitigate BYOD risks include the following:Use unique passwords for each device and account.
Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity when not being used. Only connect to trusted networks.
Keep the device OS and other software updated.
Backup any data stored on the device.
Subscribe to a device locator service with a remote wipe feature.
Provide antivirus software for approved BYODs.
Use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that allows IT teams to track the device and implement security settings and software controls.

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