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Which two pieces of information should be included in a logical topology diagram of a network? (Choose two.)

  • OS/IOS version
  • interface identifier
  • cable type and identifier
  • cable specification
  • device type
  • connection type
Explanation & Hint:

In a logical topology diagram, the inclusion of an interface identifier can indeed be important in addition to connection type. The interface identifier can help in understanding how different networks or devices are interconnected logically. It allows one to identify specific points of interconnection that can be crucial when considering routing, switching, VLAN configuration, and other logical functions of the network.

The connection type is essential as it indicates the logical path or the method of data transfer within the network, such as leased lines, MPLS, VPN tunnels, or simple Ethernet connectivity within a LAN.

While device types can be represented in both logical and physical diagrams, the specific interface identifiers are key to logical diagrams as they relate to the configuration and operation of the network at the logical level.

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