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Which two statements describe access attacks? (Choose two.)

  • Port redirection attacks use a network adapter card in promiscuous mode to capture all network packets that are sent across a LAN.
  • Password attacks can be implemented by the use of brute-force attack methods, Trojan horses, or packet sniffers.
  • Buffer overflow attacks write data beyond the allocated buffer memory to overwrite valid data or to exploit systems to execute malicious code.
  • To detect listening services, port scanning attacks scan a range of TCP or UDP port numbers on a host.
  • Trust exploitation attacks often involve the use of a laptop to act as a rogue access point to capture and copy all network traffic in a public location, such as a wireless hotspot.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

An access attack tries to gain access to a resource using a hijacked account or other means. The five types of access attacks include the following:password – a dictionary is used for repeated login attempts
trust exploitation – uses granted privileges to access unauthorized material
port redirection – uses a compromised internal host to pass traffic through a firewall
man-in-the-middle – an unauthorized device positioned between two legitimate devices in order to redirect or capture traffic
buffer overflow – too much data sent to a memory location that already contains data

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