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Which two things should a network administrator modify on a router to perform password recovery? (Choose two.)

  • the startup configuration file
  • system ROM
  • the NVRAM file system
  • the system image file
  • the configuration register value
Explanation & Hint:

To perform password recovery on a Cisco router, a network administrator typically needs to modify the following:

  1. The configuration register value: The configuration register setting on a Cisco router determines how the router boots up. By modifying the configuration register value, the router can be made to ignore the contents of the startup configuration file on the next reload, allowing the administrator to access the router without the need to input the password from the startup configuration.
  2. The startup configuration file: After changing the configuration register and restarting the router, the administrator will need to either modify the startup configuration file where the password is set or load the startup configuration into running configuration and change the password, depending on the specific password recovery process for the router model.

The system ROM, the NVRAM file system, and the system image file are not typically modified during the password recovery process. The system ROM contains the router’s boot-up instructions and basic diagnostic software; it’s not directly modified in password recovery. The NVRAM holds the router’s startup configuration file, which will be indirectly affected when the configuration register is changed to bypass this configuration on boot. The system image file contains the router’s operating system and is not altered for password recovery purposes.

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