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While working in a computer training room, the technician notices that one computer emits a loud clicking noise. Which device should the technician check first?

  • hard drive
  • sound card
  • optical drive
  • monitor
Explanation & Hint:

When a technician notices a loud clicking noise coming from a computer in a training room, the first device to check should be the hard drive. Clicking noises coming from a computer are often associated with hard drives, especially when they encounter read/write errors or mechanical failures. This is commonly referred to as the “click of death” and can be a sign of a failing hard drive.

Hard drives have moving parts (like the read/write head and spinning platters), and a clicking sound could indicate that these parts are malfunctioning. This issue should be addressed promptly, as it could lead to data loss.

The other devices listed are less likely to produce a clicking noise:

  • Sound Card: A sound card typically wouldn’t produce a mechanical clicking noise. Issues with sound cards usually manifest as problems with audio output, like distortion or no sound at all.
  • Optical Drive: While an optical drive could potentially make a clicking noise when reading a disc, this would only occur if a disc is in use. If the noise is constant and not related to disc usage, the optical drive is less likely to be the cause.
  • Monitor: Monitors, especially modern LCD/LED types, do not have moving parts and are unlikely to produce a clicking noise. Noise from monitors would be unusual and more likely electronic in nature if it occurs.

Given these considerations, investigating the hard drive should be the initial step in resolving the issue of the clicking noise in the computer.

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