Why would an administrator use Windows Remote Desktop and Windows Remote Assistant?

  • to provide secure remote access to resources on another network
  • to connect to an enterprise network across an unsecured connection and act as a local client of that network
  • to enable sharing of files and presentations with a group of users over the Internet
  • to connect to a remote computer over the network to control its applications and data
Explanation & Hint:

Windows Remote Desktop and Remote Assistant allow an administrator to connect a local computer with a remote computer across the network and to interact with it as though it were the local computer. The administrator sees and can interact with the desktop of the remote computer. With Remote Desktop, the administrator logs onto the remote computer using an existing user account and starts a new user session. No user is required at the remoter computer to allow this access. With Remote Assistant, the purpose is for a technician to interact with a remote computer with the assistance of a remote user. The remote user must allow the remote access to the current user session and is able to observe what the technician is doing.

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