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Match the example NSM data to the associated NSM data type.

  • extracted content ==> PDF file
  • full packet capture ==> PCAP file
  • metadata ==> DNS query and response
  • transaction data ==> reputation
  • statistical data ==> HTTP throughput baseline
Explanation & Hint:

The Network Security Monitoring (NSM) data types can be matched with the associated examples as follows:

  • extracted content refers to actual pieces of data extracted from network traffic, such as files or certain types of logs. The PDF file fits this category, as it could be a file extracted from network traffic for further analysis.
  • full packet capture indicates the capturing of the entire packet traveling across the network. The PCAP file is an example of a full packet capture, as PCAP (Packet Capture) files contain the data of packets as they traverse the network.
  • metadata is data about data, and it includes details like source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, and protocols, among others. The DNS query and response can be considered metadata because it includes information about the request without containing the actual content requested.
  • transaction data pertains to information about transactions occurring over the network, such as logs or records of events. The DNS query and response could also fit here, as each DNS lookup is effectively a transaction.
  • statistical data involves aggregated data that can be analyzed to observe trends or activities over time. The HTTP throughput baseline is a form of statistical data, as it represents a measure of the amount of HTTP traffic that passes through the network over a certain period.
  • reputation data would involve data about the trustworthiness or security reputation of domains, IP addresses, etc. It doesn’t seem to match directly with any of the given examples, but in practice, it could be derived from analyzing patterns in the metadata, transaction data, or even the statistical data.

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