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What are the two types of VPN connections? (Choose two.)

  • site-to-site
  • Frame Relay
  • PPPoE
  • leased line
  • remote access
Explanation & Hint:

The two types of VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections are:

Site-to-site – This type of VPN is used to connect different networks together over the internet. For example, it can connect the network of a branch office to the network at the company’s main office, allowing seamless access between the two as if they were on the same local network.

Remote access – Also known as a client-to-site VPN, this type of VPN allows individual users to connect to a network over the internet as if they were physically connected to the network’s internal infrastructure, typically through a VPN client software.

Frame Relay and PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) are types of data link layer communication protocols used to establish direct connections between two nodes on a network, while leased lines refer to dedicated symmetric telecommunications lines connecting two locations. Neither Frame Relay, PPPoE, nor leased lines are types of VPN connections.

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