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Which two characteristics describe a virus? (Choose two.)

  • A self-replicating attack that is independently launched.
  • Malicious code that can remain dormant before executing an unwanted action.
  • Program code specifically designed to corrupt memory in network devices.
  • Malware that relies on the action of a user or a program to activate.
  • Malware that executes arbitrary code and installs copies of itself in memory.
Answers Explanation & Hints:

A virus is malicious code that is attached to legitimate programs or executable files. Most viruses require end user activation, can lie dormant for an extended period, and then activate at a specific time or date. In contrast, a worm executes arbitrary code and installs copies of itself in the memory of the infected computer. The main purpose of a worm is automatic replication to spread quickly across a network. A worm does not require a host program to run.

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