SY0-501 : CompTIA Security+ Certification​​ : Part 10

  1. A security administrator has been tasked with improving the overall security posture related to desktop machines on the network. An auditor has recently that several machines with confidential customer information displayed in the screens are left unattended during the course of the day.

    Which of the following could the security administrator implement to reduce the risk associated with the finding?

    • Implement a clean desk policy
    • Security training to prevent shoulder surfing
    • Enable group policy based screensaver timeouts
    • Install privacy screens on monitors
  2. Company policy requires the use if passphrases instead if passwords.

    Which of the following technical controls MUST be in place in order to promote the use of passphrases?

    • Reuse
    • Length
    • History
    • Complexity
  3. During a routine audit, it is discovered that someone has been using a stale administrator account to log into a seldom used server. The person has been using the server to view inappropriate websites that are prohibited to end users.

    Which of the following could best prevent this from occurring again?

    • Credential management
    • Group policy management
    • Acceptable use policy
    • Account expiration policy
  4. Which of the following should identify critical systems and components?

    • MOU
    • BPA
    • ITCP
    • BCP
  5. Which of the following works by implanting software on systems but delays execution until a specific set of conditions is met?

    • Logic bomb
    • Trojan
    • Scareware
    • Ransomware
  6. A web application is configured to target browsers and allow access to bank accounts to siphon money to a foreign account.

    This is an example of which of the following attacks?

    • SQL injection
    • Header manipulation
    • Cross-site scripting
    • Flash cookie exploitation
  7. Technicians working with servers hosted at the company’s datacenter are increasingly complaining of electric shocks when touching metal items which have been linked to hard drive failures.

    Which of the following should be implemented to correct this issue?

    • Decrease the room temperature
    • Increase humidity in the room
    • Utilize better hot/cold aisle configurations
    • Implement EMI shielding
  8. A portable data storage device has been determined to have malicious firmware.

    Which of the following is the BEST course of action to ensure data confidentiality?

    • Format the device
    • Re-image the device
    • Perform virus scan in the device
    • Physically destroy the device
  9. A security administrator must implement a system to ensure that invalid certificates are not used by a custom developed application. The system must be able to check the validity of certificates even when internet access is unavailable.

    Which of the following MUST be implemented to support this requirement?

    • CSR
    • OCSP
    • CRL
    • SSH
  10. A technician has installed new vulnerability scanner software on a server that is joined to the company domain. The vulnerability scanner is able to provide visibility over the patch posture of all company’s clients.

    Which of the following is being used?

    • Gray box vulnerability testing
    • Passive scan
    • Credentialed scan
    • Bypassing security controls
  11. The Chief Security Officer (CISO) at a multinational banking corporation is reviewing a plan to upgrade the entire corporate IT infrastructure. The architecture consists of a centralized cloud environment hosting the majority of data, small server clusters at each corporate location to handle the majority of customer transaction processing, ATMs, and a new mobile banking application accessible from smartphones, tablets, and the Internet via HTTP. The corporation does business having varying data retention and privacy laws.

    Which of the following technical modifications to the architecture and corresponding security controls should be implemented to provide the MOST complete protection of data?

    • Revoke exiting root certificates, re-issue new customer certificates, and ensure all transactions are digitally signed to minimize fraud, implement encryption for data in-transit between data centers
    • Ensure all data is encryption according to the most stringent regulatory guidance applicable, implement encryption for data in-transit between data centers, increase data availability by replicating all data, transaction data, logs between each corporate location
    • Store customer data based on national borders, ensure end-to end encryption between ATMs, end users, and servers, test redundancy and COOP plans to ensure data is not inadvertently shifted from one legal jurisdiction to another with more stringent regulations
    • Install redundant servers to handle corporate customer processing, encrypt all customer data to ease the transfer from one country to another, implement end-to-end encryption between mobile applications and the cloud.
  12. While reviewing the monthly internet usage it is noted that there is a large spike in traffic classified as “unknown” and does not appear to be within the bounds of the organizations Acceptable Use Policy.

    Which of the following tool or technology would work BEST for obtaining more information on this traffic?

    • Firewall logs
    • IDS logs
    • Increased spam filtering
    • Protocol analyzer
  13. A network administrator wants to ensure that users do not connect any unauthorized devices to the company network. Each desk needs to connect a VoIP phone and computer.

    Which of the following is the BEST way to accomplish this?

    • Enforce authentication for network devices
    • Configure the phones on one VLAN, and computers on another
    • Enable and configure port channels
    • Make users sign an Acceptable use Agreement
  14. An administrator has concerns regarding the traveling sales team who works primarily from smart phones.

    Given the sensitive nature of their work, which of the following would BEST prevent access to the data in case of loss or theft?

    • Enable screensaver locks when the phones are not in use to prevent unauthorized access
    • Configure the smart phones so that the stored data can be destroyed from a centralized location
    • Configure the smart phones so that all data is saved to removable media and kept separate from the device
    • Enable GPS tracking on all smart phones so that they can be quickly located and recovered
  15. A user of the wireless network is unable to gain access to the network. The symptoms are:

    1.) Unable to connect to both internal and Internet resources
    2.) The wireless icon shows connectivity but has no network access

    The wireless network is WPA2 Enterprise and users must be a member of the wireless security group to authenticate.

    Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the connectivity issues?

    • The wireless signal is not strong enough
    • A remote DDoS attack against the RADIUS server is taking place
    • The user’s laptop only supports WPA and WEP
    • The DHCP scope is full
    • The dynamic encryption key did not update while the user was offline
  16. A chief Financial Officer (CFO) has asked the Chief Information Officer (CISO) to provide responses to a recent audit report detailing deficiencies in the organization security controls. The CFO would like to know ways in which the organization can improve its authorization controls.

    Given the request by the CFO, which of the following controls should the CISO focus on in the report? (Choose three)

    • Password complexity policies
    • Hardware tokens
    • Biometric systems
    • Role-based permissions
    • One time passwords
    • Separation of duties
    • Multifactor authentication
    • Single sign-on
    • Lease privilege
  17. A mobile device user is concerned about geographic positioning information being included in messages sent between users on a popular social network platform. The user turns off the functionality in the application, but wants to ensure the application cannot re-enable the setting without the knowledge of the user.

    Which of the following mobile device capabilities should the user disable to achieve the stated goal?

    • Device access control
    • Location based services
    • Application control
    • GEO-Tagging
  18. A member of a digital forensics team, Joe arrives at a crime scene and is preparing to collect system data. Before powering the system off, Joe knows that he must collect the most volatile date first.

    Which of the following is the correct order in which Joe should collect the data?

    • CPU cache, paging/swap files, RAM, remote logging data
    • RAM, CPU cache. Remote logging data, paging/swap files
    • Paging/swap files, CPU cache, RAM, remote logging data
    • CPU cache, RAM, paging/swap files, remote logging data
  19. An organization has hired a penetration tester to test the security of its ten web servers. The penetration tester is able to gain root/administrative access in several servers by exploiting vulnerabilities associated with the implementation of SMTP, POP, DNS, FTP, Telnet, and IMAP.

    Which of the following recommendations should the penetration tester provide to the organization to better protect their web servers in the future?

    • Use a honeypot
    • Disable unnecessary services
    • Implement transport layer security
    • Increase application event logging
  20. A security engineer is faced with competing requirements from the networking group and database administrators. The database administrators would like ten application servers on the same subnet for ease of administration, whereas the networking group would like to segment all applications from one another.

    Which of the following should the security administrator do to rectify this issue?

    • Recommend performing a security assessment on each application, and only segment the applications with the most vulnerability
    • Recommend classifying each application into like security groups and segmenting the groups from one another
    • Recommend segmenting each application, as it is the most secure approach
    • Recommend that only applications with minimal security features should be segmented to protect them
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